Do you have the next big digital idea to empower citizens to make healthier food choices and create more sustainable food systems?

Apply to our Open Call #1 for your chance to join our FOODITY programme, get funded up to €187.500, and receive training and support to develop your solution!

We are running a 1M€ pilot development programme for creating 6 data-driven solutions to drive innovation in food and nutrition while putting the power of personal data use back into the hands of citizens.


open call #1

Are you ready to create innovative data-driven solutions that will play a role in developing sustainable food systems while
boosting citizen data sovereignty?

Apart from providing tailored mentoring services, technical support and business sustainability, our programme offers up
to €187,500 per team to scale their products and services.

Call #1 closed
Stay tuned for Open Call #2

The Open Call #1 offer

for the challenge?

# 0

launching on 5 September and closing on 8 November 2023


to be developed by the selected applicants

0 M€

and financial support of up to 187.500€ per beneficiary


with services for pilot development

The Open Call #1 challenges

open call #1 offer

Our first open call will accept submissions to develop solutions focusing on one or more of three areas or an open challenge:

What to consider before submitting your application:

  • The open call will accept proposed solutions currently between TRL 4 and 6, but capable of scaling up to TRL 7.
  • All pilots must focus on social innovation and promote citizen engagement.

How to participate?

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to apply for our open calls, which we will be sharing soon.

The objectives

of the FOODITY programme

in a nutshell

To fund 12 pilots that will develop innovative solutions demonstrating the potential of data-driven innovation in food and nutrition while guaranteeing the user's full control and ownership over their personal data.

To provide state-of-the-art tools/software components as building blocks and other technical resources respectful of personal data sovereignty for developing novel data-based food and nutrition systems.

To encourage the development of data-sharing practises, including data commons and open science, in the food and nutrition domain, thus encouraging innovation.

To attract top talent innovators for the development of the pilots, involve food systems stakeholders (e.g. producers, processors and retailers) in expressing their data needs to be more competitive and achieve a fairer distribution of wealth, and engage citizens in the development of the pilots, allowing them to express their needs and raise their concerns for their data rights when using data-driven solutions for food and nutrition.

To raise citizens' awareness in exercising their data rights and how they can use them to create an effect in nature-positive food systems.

Phases of the

FOODITY programme

We will develop our pilot development programme in three phases. The first one will focus on implementing the pilot projects. The second one on maximising their impact. The programme will end with an award ceremony where the winning pilot projects will benefit from an additional €7,500.

Our data storage

management system

Enabling citizens to become aware of their data is central to our visions, as it allows them to control how it is used and where it is stored.

We have developed a data architecture to protect and properly store user data, which we will require the pilot projects to use. This datalake will store the data (apart from users’ personal data, the management of which will be the responsibility
of the pilots concerned), and our data_U software will process and manage it.

The selected FOODITY innovators will learn how to properly use this data architecture through training and mentoring, as well as deepen their understanding of the ethics of data management, among other technical topics.

The training will also cover citizen participation methods, as pilots must involve end-users from start to finish. Mentoring support, especially in the second phase, will focus on business matters, from innovation strategy to product development. In addition, pilots can request support in specific areas to ensure TRL advancement.

Explore and contribute

to our data collection

Our data_U platform is dedicated to providing a wide range of food and nutrition data —

from nutritional information to recipes and the latest food trends.

Join our community of food enthusiasts and professionals!

You can do so either by sharing your own datasets or by exploring those shared by others.

Share your health and nutrition data to help us drive groundbreaking research
Stay informed to help create a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow

What’s in it for you?

Our value-added services

Our programme beneficiaries — the FOODITY innovators — will receive a wide range of value-added services:


Up to 187.500€ per beneficiary.

FOODITY_OpenCalls2023_Icon07 (1)


and technical support to develop their solutions.



Advice on business development: from marketing and sales to financing, innovation strategy or sustainability.



Including mutual exchange between the open call beneficiaries.



Training on relevant technical, business, and legal issues.

Who are we looking for?

The FOODITY innovators

To arrive at tangible and impactful solutions, the teams that develop them must be diverse. That is why we are looking for
organisations with both technical and social innovation expertise, as well as citizen engagement knowledge.

Applicants can submit proposals led by an SME/startup and partner with other 2 or 3 entities that are a mix of for-profit
and non-profit organisations.

Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and startups

developing solutions for data-driven innovation in personalised nutrition, sustainable food systems and shopping experiences.

Social innovation actors (SIAs)

providing new practices aiming at citizen empowerment and proposing concrete actions for data sovereignty, as well as associations representing consumers’ interest in health and nutrition

Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and universities

working on advancing the state-of-the-art and addressing the challenges around data-driven innovation for health and nutrition, as well as mechanisms to preserve citizens' sovereignty over their personal data in health and nutrition solutions.

Training organisations

oriented to the food industry, such as culinary or nutrition schools, and interested in teaching and experimenting with the power of data for innovation and competitiveness in food production and diet planning.

Apply now!

The open call will run from 5 September to 8 November 2023 (17.00 CET). All applications will then be evaluated by external experts.
Applications must be submitted in English through the F6S platform.
In addition, applicants must be based in an EU or Horizon Europe-associated country.

Watch our info webinars to learn the keys to this open call and find out if it is for you.

How to find the right partners?

the right partners?

Are you interested in participating but haven’t found the right partners? If you are an SME looking for a social innovation partner, you can start by referring to this global interactive map which provides information on verified social innovation actors (not all listed actors may fit your needs, and other entities that are not listed may also qualify). At FOODITY, we will support match-making opportunities on our F6S page and coordinate networking events to help you find the right partners to advance your solutions.

Stay tuned to our channels!

to our channels!

Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to learn about our match-making opportunities, networking events and info webinars.


to the programme

Our FOODITY pilot development programme is structured around two calls for proposals we will publish in the second semester of 2023.

From the applications we receive, we will select 12 (6 in each open call) beneficiaries, the FOODITY innovators, with the most promising pilot project proposals for developing the next generation of data-driven solutions for food and nutrition respectful of users’ personal data sovereignty, for a 12-month programme.

The pilots will demonstrate the potential of users’ personal data in health and nutrition solutions to contribute to more just and environmentally friendly food systems.

They will benefit from added-value services, including financial support (up to 187.500€ per beneficiary), one-to-one mentoring, training, group coaching and technical support to use the infrastructure and core components of the programme, as well as assistance in assessing the individual impact of each pilot with respect to its users.

At the end of the programme, the FOODITY innovators will carry out an Impact Assessment of the results obtained by their pilot projects regarding the perception of end-users control over their personal data. They will also receive support by connecting them to different ways of sustainability, ranging from VCs to training on equity-free funding.

Our evaluation criteria


Show how your proposed solution is aligned with the FOODITY vision and is innovative.
Provide objectives and address challenges associated with citizens’ data rights and GDPR regulations.


Describe expected results from the pilot programme and connect them to the FOODITY vision, as well as FOOD 2030 goals.
Provide both a qualitative and quantitative overview of expected long-term impact and measures to exploit results post-project.


Provide a provisional plan for safeguarding user data and an overview of how data will be stored and managed.
Describe citizen engagement activities for phases I and II, including examples of proposed activities and level of engagement.


Describe the work plan and propose a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Describe the team's expertise, technical knowledge, social innovation capacity in relation to citizen engagement and respect for gender balance.


pilots building blocks

Our FOODITY innovators will be able to use state-of-the-art tools and software components from two recent research and innovation Horizon 2020-funded actions as building blocks for the development of their pilots.


Will provide cutting-edge tools and software components as building blocks for developing personalised nutrition solu- tions.


Will offer a deployment-ready solution for trustworthy and secure large-scale data-sharing transactions, fully compliant with GDPR and based on centralised technologies and digital identity — thus guaranteeing the personal data sovereignty of end-users of solutions integrating this platform.

Open Call #1 documents

Make sure to read our Open Call #1 documents carefully before submitting your application!

Any questions?

Write to us at