Meet the FOODITY innovators: DIAITA

Can you imagine a world where cancer patients receive personalised nutritional guidance to enhance their treatment? That is precisely what DIAITA, one of the projects we selected in our Open Call #1, aims to do. They are developing a digital diet assistant that integrates trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalised nutritional advice to colon cancer patients during their treatment, contributing to improving their well-being.

DIAITA’s mission is to empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals by providing them with science-based dietary recommendations and involving them in decision-making to adapt them to each patient’s nutritional needs. The initiative ultimately aims to offer a practical, reliable, and transparent digital service that drives knowledge sharing and advances AI technology in healthcare.

Their three key objectives are:

1. Patient empowerment: Delivering personalised, scientifically-backed dietary recommendations to empower patients and caregivers in their treatment and recovery journey.

2. Knowledge sharing: Contributing to the open knowledge ecosystem by disseminating valuable insights and information that can benefit a broader community.

3. Innovation in AI: Pushing the boundaries of personalised and trustworthy AI, and showcasing the potential of technology to positively impact healthcare outcomes.

The DIAITA team

Its team is comprised of four interdisciplinary professionals from two organisations: Bestiario and Alícia Foundation. They bring together Fundación Alicia’s research expertise in culinary innovation and Bestiario’s expertise on data-driven digital innovation.

From the Alícia Foundation, we have Elena Roura, a food scientist and the foundation’s scientific director, and Fabiola Juárez, a food engineer and senior researcher. Both are also nutritionists and lead the social and citizen engagement activities at DIAITA.

From Bestiario, we have Javier Ginebreda, an industrial engineer and project manager, and Bernat Esquirol, a mathematician and computer scientist who serves as a data scientist and AI developer. They are in charge of the project’s technical development.

Watch the video below to learn more about their solution:

"In DIAITA, we analyse the data of cancer patients and provide personalised meal plans and dietary guidance to support their recovery."

"This project is really important for us, as there are no other available solutions to assist people with this specific need in their recovery from treatment."

The impact DIAITA hopes to generate in its journey through FOODITY

DIAITA is part of our 12-month, €2 million Pilot Development Programme and is receiving funding (of up to €187,500) as well as support to further develop and scale their solution. 
They are benefitting from expert mentoring, group coaching, and specialised training on relevant technical, business, and legal issues, which will help ensure that they make a impact in food and nutrition.
When asked about the impact they hope to make through our Programme, they say they hope their solution can help people with colon cancer find comprehensive answers and recommendations regarding dietary concerns and needs they may encounter throughout treatment.
Specifically, they look forward to learning more about technology and the latest advances in the AI field, which they consider the best lever to achieve their utmost goal: “to scale and expand our contribution to society, generating a positive impact in healthcare and nutrition and easing the life of those suffering from cancer.”
They see being part of FOODITY as an opportunity to not only develop their project, but also to learn, share, and contribute to a greater goal. “Joining FOODITY has provided us with the economic resources we need to carry out our project, as well as access to experts in different fields, who help us not only with this project, but also with future endeavors.”

"Being part of FOODITY opens up a very interesting opportunity for us to bring our expertise in managing nutrition in certain diseases in a more personalised way and using technologies unfamiliar to us, thanks to working with experts in the field like Bestiario."

The organisations working on DIAITA

Based in Barcelona and founded in 2003, Alícia Foundation is the first centre for research, development, and innovation in cuisine. It is made up of a multidisciplinary team of nutritionists, biologists, food technologists, agricultural engineers, chemists, and anthropologists who work alongside chefs to create practical solutions that help people to have a healthy and sustainable diets.


Bestiario, currently based in Barcelona and Bogotá, was founded to invent new ways to interact with data. It was the first agency in Europe to specialise in data visualisation. Bestiario has developed more than 100 projects for over 80 clients who have seen an opportunity in data visualization to explore new ways of communicating, understanding, and selling their products.

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