FOODITY Datalake

Join us to get control of your food and nutrition data.

Our platform is dedicated to sharing a wide range of food and nutrition data — from nutritional information to recipes and the latest food trends.

It is a culinary information hub that gives businesses and individuals access to comprehensive and accurate data that drives innovation and growth.

Data-driven innovation

Better food and
nutrition systems

Respect for citizens’ right to sovereignty over their personal data

Explore and contribute

to our data collection

Join our community of food enthusiasts and professionals!
You can do so either by sharing your own datasets or by exploring those shared by others.

Share your health and nutrition data to help us drive groundbreaking research
Stay informed to help create a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow

(Note that in order to submit your expression of interest you must have – or create, for free – an F6S account).

Deadline to submit expressions of interest is 18 October 2023 (17h00 CET).
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Our offer

Our offer

• We offer a robust and user-friendly platform that ensures seamless data management.
• Our cutting-edge technology enables easy dataset uploading, organisation and sharing.
• We prioritise data integrity, security and privacy .

Why should data providers join?

Uploading your datasets to Foodity opens up a world of opportunities.

• Your data will be accessible to a wide range of stakeholders including researchers, food enthusiasts, chefs and businesses looking to innovate and create unique culinary experiences.
• Your contribution will drive insights, inform decision-making processes and foster collaboration within the industry.

By doing so, you will not only gain visibility and recognition but also help fuel breakthroughs in the culinary domain.