FOODITY puts the control
of your food and nutrition data in your hands.

Discover how.

FOODITY is an impact-driven project funded under the Horizon Europe programme involving 7 partners from 7 countries.

Over the next 3 years (2023 – 2026), we will work together to ensure a dynamic ecosystem of digital solutions for food and nutrition that respect citizens’ rights to personal data sovereignty in Europe.

Data-driven innovation

Better food and
nutrition systems

Respect for citizens’ right to sovereignty over their personal data

Data for the people

Data for the planet

We are convinced that the data economy offers great opportunities to improve food systems.

With the right data-driven technology, citizens can influence the overall environmental impact of food systems and the quality of diets that system actors (producers, distributors, retailers) offer to consumers. How? By demanding better, healthier, and more environmentally friendly food choices.

However, most popular tools and platforms (e.g. wearables and software applications) are closed and limit citizens’ rights to personal data sovereignty and transferability.

At FOODITY, we are on a mission

to create a dynamic European ecosystem of digital solutions for food and nutrition respectful of citizens’ right to personal data sovereignty — and demonstrate the potential of data-driven innovations in this area, engaging citizens in their development.


Through our FOODITY pilot development programme

0 M€

pilot development

0 K€

Support of up to 187.500€
per beneficiary


open calls



We will run a 2M€ pilot development programme funding 12 industry and research collaborations for data-driven innovations in food and nutrition.

Participants will be selected through two calls for proposals. The first one has already closed and the second one will be open from 8 May to 10 July 2024.

Value-added services for participants to develop their pilots

Financial support up to 187.500€ per beneficiary

Technology access and technical support

One-to-one business mentoring

Group coaching
Training on technical, business, and legal matters

For who?

The FOODITY innovators

We are looking for:
  • Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and universities
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and startups
  • Social innovation actors, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and citizen associations
  • Training organisations focused on the food industry

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Our impact

The open call projects will provide novel solutions to existing research and technical challenges to achieve the Food 2030 (the EU’s research and innovation policy to build better food systems by 2030) key priorities:

Food systems supporting a healthy planet
Nutrition for sustainable and healthy diets
Circularity and resource efficiency
Innovation and empowering communities

“FOODITY has the ingredients to make a significant difference in how citizens use and control their personal data, leading to better and more sustainable decisions. We are confident that our pilot programme and funded solutions will show how increased control over personal data can lead to better personal nutrition choices and also contribute with knowledge to ensure more sustainable food systems.”

Samuel Almeida, FOODITY’s Project Coordinator.

The FOODITY team

This ambitious 36-month project brings together seven multidisciplinary partners from different EU member states who have joined forces to make it a reality.

7 organizations | 7 countries | 1 team | 36 months

From top-level experts in ICT-based solutions for the food and nutrition sector (CERTH), technologies for user’s control of personal data (JIBE) and integration of data commons into federated infrastructure (SOFTEAM), to experienced professionals in engaging citizens (F6S, AUSTRALO and SPLORO) and social innovation (ZSI).